Chemical Dosing Package

Chemical Dosing Package

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Chemical Dosing Packages are used to prepare and inject chemicals into the COOLING Water SYSTEMS, PRE-TREATMENT and TREATMENT OF WATER AND WASTEWATER, Oil Product Pipelines, etc. in various industries including Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Refining, Power Plants, Water and Wastewater.

Chemicals Injection can be in Open Basins, Pipelines, Tanks or Chemical Reactors. The dosing packages are designed and manufactured depending on the projects requirements with different dosing pressures and flow rates. Dosing Packages degree of automation and control systems are determined according to the application, installation location, required standards and operation requirements.

The main components of chemical injection packages are is as follows:

· Preparation Tank and related Agitator

· Chemical Dosing Tank

· Dosing Pumps (Diaphragm, Plunger)

· Piping and Valves

· Pressure Relief valves

· Pulsation dampers

· Calibration Pot

· Electrical, Instrumentation and Control System

Depending on the type of chemicals and site environmental conditions, materials of dosing package components are determined and will be supplied from reputable manufacturers.

Chemical Dosing Packages manufactured by the company are as follows:

· NaClO Dosing Packages for Disinfection and Water Treatment

· Ca(ClO)2 Dosing Packages for Disinfection and Water Treatment

· Urea Solution Dosing Packages for Disinfection

· Anti-Scalant Dosing Packages to Prevent Sedimentation

· Corrosion Inhibitor Dosing Packages to Prevent Corrosion

· Caustic (NaOH) Dosing Packages to Adjust pH

· Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) Dosing Packages to Adjust pH

· Ca(OH)2 Dosing Packages to Adjust Minerals

· Alum (Al2(SO4)3) Dosing Packages for Coagulation

· FeCl3 Dosing Packages for Coagulation